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Get a rental car to discover Psiloritis Rethymnon, Crete Psiloritis literally means “the tall one” and is a proud and affectionate name for the mountain which gives him a personality and instantly creates a relationship of awe and respect.
Home of many mountain villages, such as Anogia, and plateaus such as the Nida Plateau.
This range is also part of the E4 European walking path.
The steep, inaccessible and wild mountains and gorges have characterized Crete and its people and turned the pages of history, as freedom fighters and foreign resistance supporters hid in her mountain villages and caves. The stories of the adartes, the freedom fighters, are woven into the personality of Crete.
From ancient times, the shepherds of the mountains have played an important part of the culture of the island. The timeless image of the weather-beaten shepherd sitting amongst the rocks and thyme, singing softly to his sheep or goats, has been a symbol of freedom, co-mingled with hardship and isolation, a recurring theme in the Cretan and Greek story.
Zeus Cave is in these mountains, it is known as Ideon Andron and sits looking over the Nida Plateau. This wide mouthed cave has an inner cavern where excavations have found jewelers, bronze shields, seal stones pottery and metal artifacts. These finds reveal the history of Crete, including sanctuaries of worship.
Psiloritis Ψηλορείτης range is part of the European Geopark. Rare endemic species, an unusual ecology and geological formations under intense scrutiny by scientists, biologists, geologists and speleologists contribute to its value and distinction.
Here is a quote from the Geopark’s website; this is how an area is selected as a Geopark, of which there are 30 in Europe:
“A European Geopark must comprise a certain number of geological sites of particular importance in terms of their scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal or educational value. The majority of sites present on the territory of a European Geopark must be part of the geological heritage, but their interest may also be archaeological, ecological, historical or cultural.”
Wildflowers of spring are famous in Kr?ti. There are walking tours arranged every season with knowledgeable botanists. 268 of Greece’s endemic plants can be found in Crete, 196 are native only to Crete. On the mountain are 76 endemic species. Plants of the area include to wonderful aromatic herbs for which the island is famous; including thyme and dictamo. Dictamo also known as erontas is a strong herbal remedy.
On the slopes are found hawthorn trees, Kermes oak, Cretan maple trees and holm-oaks. Rouvas forest near Zar?s has many Kermes oaks and extremely rare Cretan orchids Cephanlanthera cucullata and Zelkova abelicea.
Caves to explore are Kamares, Sfendoni and Melidoni. Speleologists also study the cave-precipice of Tafkoura and the Labyrinth cave.
Striking rock formations and hard hiking can be found in Zar?s Gorge, Kamares Gorge and Vorizia Gorge.
The mountain villages of Ax?s, an ancient Cretan site, Zonian?, Liv?dia and Gar?zo are typical traditional villages. Perama and nearby Margarites are small mountain villages where you will find the natural products such as raki, cherries, honey, olive oil, and cheeses such as graviera, anthotyro and myzithra made from mountain milk.
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Car Rental at Heraklion Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization
Car Rental at Heraklion Approved by the Ministry of Tourism & the Greek National Tourism Organization