Chania City

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Get a rental car to discover Chania City Crete Chania - Χανιά -Hania is the capital of the Prefecture of the same name and the second largest town in Crete, with a population of 60.000 inhabitants.
It is the administrative, economical, commercial and cultural center of the Prefecture. It lies (Coordinates 35°31' N 24°1' E ) along the North coast of the island, about 55 km west of the city of Rethymnon and 135 km from the city of Heraklion.
Since the ancient times, the city of Chania has faced many conquerors and the influences of many civilizations through time, evident on the city monuments.
The beautiful city of Chania managed to preserve its original colors and historical character, despite the fast-growing tourist industry. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Greece and the most picturesque city of Crete.
The city of Chania is also characterized by a rich cultural life. A plethora of cultural events are organized every year (exhibitions, festivals, theatrical and musical performances, etc.)

Chania history

The archeological excavations in the city of Chania revealed that the modern city is built over the ruins of Kydonia, an ancient city of great importance. The ancient city of Kydonia was constructed during the prehistoric times. According to Cretan mythology, the city was founded by Kydonas, the son of Hermes or of Apollo (according to a different theory) and of the nymph Akakalida, daughter of king Minos. Homer refers to the city of Kydonia as one of the greatest cities of Crete and Kydonians are considered a pre-Hellenic race. Many ancient writers consider Kydonia the "mother of other Cretan cities". There are many theories around the etymology of the city's name. The name "Chania" might originate from the name "Hthonia", one of the ancient names of Crete. According to other theories, the name "Chania" derives from the Arabic word "Hani" or from the name of a district of ancient Kydonia, "alchania komi".

Chania archeological museum
This building complex is located on the street "Halidon" and hosts the Archeological Museum of the city. The building is preserved but most of its part has been renovated with many modern interventions.
On its southern side there was a double arcade (chiostro) with the rooms of the monks and other buildings.
Nowadays, the larger part of the arcade is incorporated and occupied by the houses and stores that extend until the entrance of the newer Catholic Temple.
On the northern side of the church of Agios Fragkiskos, the existence of a beautiful garden is recorded on a map of the time, similar to the one preserved today from the time the church was converted to a mosque.
The recent renovation works have revealed the different construction phases of the temple, some of which are in line with the urban development and reconstructions of the city through time.
A part of the initial design of the temple is still visible in the middle of today's temple.
Later interventions include the construction of three chapels on the northern side, covered by cross-ribbed vaults bearing the Gothic monogram of Christ in their center, and the re-modeling of northern front of the temple. In 1605, the extension of the temple to the east probably took place, which is obviously connected to the creation of Ruga Magistra (Halidon Street) during the city's reconstruction and the construction of the new fortification walls. Another extension of the temple was probably realized during the Turkish period, with a construction to west.
The base of the bell tower is preserved on the eastern side of the monument.
During the Turkish period, the temple of Aghios Fragkiskos was converted into a mosque, the "Giousouf Pasha Tzamisi". Then, the minaret and the octagonal fountain were added in the courtyard. In the later years, it was again converted into a cinema and an entertainment center.
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